“Clouds” Poem

Feelings of anger from loss of freedoms, transparency, and trust not over seas

But here in the US turns to shame as I live on this land controlled by a corporate owned government

Dirty money is the president of this country

I live on this land that has taken fathers away from their sons and daughters
Their eyes amiss from watching their children laugh
Amiss from watching them grow in height with eyes large in curiosity
Instead, these children’s eyes gleam with sadness of an unknown embrace


I live on this land that captures men and cages them indefinitely like sacrificial animals in a fictitious religion
Their mothers, brothers, sons, daughters, and uncles waiting in frozen torture with uncertainty of their release
Hairs turned grey, lines turned to wrinkles as they wait and wait and wait as we live, love, and laugh

It is not the distance that bonds the pains of the families and the prisoners

It is the unanswered questions

Undying hope that tortures all

I live on a land where people trusts a government that spies on its own people while gagging those who uncover the truths

The knife cuts one way, but not the other


Year 2002 Dilawar of Yakubi was tied to a fence, on this land called Abu Ghraib

Alone over night and eventually beaten to death before the truth of his innocence was realized

I live on a land where people have blind faith in a president who orders the assassination of US citizens without due process

Where a drone strikes down a son in a different place and time as his wanted father

That’s what they call collateral damage

A young man faces life in prison for leaking video of military gunning down innocent civilians

Lives meaning nothing as they returned to the scene like a video game to finish them all off

Like the children of the Guantanamo detainees my eyes are gleaming with sadness and a forgotten trust and belief on this land of the free
The ideal is gone—I am looking up towards clouds away from this land

No land
It is a sense of peace.


2 thoughts on ““Clouds” Poem

  1. I read your poem, and it is very poignant, infused with frustration and anger regarding the state of US foreign policy. I liked how you infused actual events with the images of generations, both past and present. Very powerful!

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