Film: Gasland


I first heard about the dangers of natural gas mining via Oprah when W. was in office. I’m infuriated that “fracking” has gotten worse.

In one of the interviews, Josh interviews John Hanger, Pennsylvania’s Acting Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection. He states:

“One of the things about being on that side of the camera and this side of the camera, you guys get to at some level wash your hands of everything. The folks on this side of the camera have to make some real decisions of the real world… I have to make trade-offs, and those trade-offs recognize that you’re often taking two steps forward and perhaps one step backwards.”

Arsenic poison, cancer, animals dying, and people not being able to drink or bathe in it is one step backwards? Not even a definite step. “Perhaps one step.”

I enjoyed the filming style of Josh Fox. This was his first documentary and that’s pretty cool. He’s very arty. Sometimes cute under the right editing filter. I liked his soothing narration voice even if it took me three times to watch Gasland. I kept falling asleep. Then, I had a terrible nightmare of all things I hate in life, because I hate Dick Cheney (former Halliburton CEO) so much.

The documentary needed to provide more study facts, such as what natural gas is used for and the effects of the emissions; power generation, residential use, and to power vehicles. Methane (the main component of natural gas) is a substantially more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Watch Gasland in it’s entirety:

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