Day 3 & 4

January 6, 2012

Before we went to court I found this flower bed outside our church. I’m not sure what it is, perhaps a decorative kale, but it looks delicious.

The jury returned after less than an hour of deliberation. Judith Kelly – guilty of disorderly conduct for expressing grievances towards Guantanamo Bay and the NDAA bill to congress. Michael Levenson was the only 3 of 4 who received his sentencing today. The prosecution would like to receive some time to research the criminal backgrounds. Prosecution wanted to charge Michael with 30 days jail time, six months unsupervised probation, not to be allowed on capitol grounds for a year and 150 hours community service.

It is mandatory in D.C. for all guilty defendants to pay $50 to the Victims of Violence Trust Fund. The judge issued Michael 15 hours community service, 2 days incarceration which he suspended, six months unsupervised probation, and no illegal activity for a year.

While the court was in break, we wrote letters to Guantanamo Bay detainees. For a list of current detainees and address visit:

After court, we returned to homebase for an afternoon vigil to take advantage of the spring weather. We broke into teams of 4-12 people to vigil to the White House, Department of Justice, Lafayette Park, and Supreme Court . My group went to the Supreme Court. The police were not warned of our presence, so naturally they questioned us and blocked the street in some situations.

Processing to the Supreme Court

Standing next to my friends at the Superior Court

The doctor came today. My blood pressure is 110/80. Physically good. Sleeping well too. Last night I dreamt I was stuck inside a cheeseburger. I realized I had this dream because I need to sleep with my sleeping bag unzipped.

Random thoughts of the night: Why is music so sad? What will ever fix this gash? So much beauty I capture in the world with cameras, so much sorrow I feel inside. I’m homesick for my childhood.

Notes from Day 4:

A note from Andy Worthington:
Last day of trial was today. The prosecutors argued that the First Amendment is not applicable to this case. I find this completely irrational. Judge Fisher stated it was a contradiction to the prosecution’s argument. The jury deliberated for for 3 and a half hours and came back with three verdicts.

Carmen Trotta – Guilty

Michael Levenson – Guilty

Brian Hynes aka Shaker Aamer – Guilty as all get out.
The jury were undecided about Judith Kelly. So, court was dismissed and deliberation is to presume in the morning.
I finally started feeling hungry today.

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