Day 2

January 5, 2012 Day 2

Slept well in our space. Well, sorta’ despite Brian Terrell being right next to me and snoring. It’s warmer than the church we were in last year. The showers are also nicer so I took one. We began this day with a procession to the Superior Court House where Brian Hynes (Shaker Aamer), Michael Levinson, Josie Setzler, Carmen Trotta, and Judith Levinson face charges of disorderly conduct.

We start our day with a press conference and vigil in front of the Superior Court. A police officer walked past me and said, “I appreciate you for what you’re doing.

A little back story for you, on June 23rd a group of Witness Against Torture activists went to the House of Representatives to express grievances towards Guantanamo Bay and the NDAA bill, which at that point had not been voted on yet. After exhausting other routes of communication such as calling representatives and writing letters, going to Congress was another means of petitioning. For this, five people face charges of disorderly conduct for simply speaking at a loud volume.

Judge Fisher had dismissed 9 of the 14 originally arrested and today he also acquitted Jose Setzler due to officials failing to identify her.
During lunch, since we are fasting we took advantage of the hour by having a walking vigil to the F.B.I Headquarters and Department of Justice.

After lunch, Brian Hynes took the stand while Carmen Trotta questioned him. Carmen asked him why he is also known as Shaker Aamer. Brian had previously been arrested during a demonstration where he represented Shaker Aamer, a detainee who has been held in Guantanamo Bay since 2002. He didn’t have identification with him so he gave them the name Shaker Aamer as a symbolic gesture to give Shaker the writ to due process to which he deserves. Brian is now known in the Washington D.C. system as Shaker Aamer.


The prosecution asked Brian, “You weren’t interested in the patent law the house was voting on were you? It’s not important.” Brian responded with a lengthy explanation on the history of patent laws.

Our day ended with a go-around of reflections. I had forgotten what it was like to be selfless. 2011 was a year of violent attacks, death, and heartache. It’s good to be back around idealists who feel outwardly – thinking of the world around and not our inner problems with our own emotions. When we start feeling sorry for ourselves and our own sadness, we tend to forget about other people.

I’m feeling well today. I’m not hungry at all. I slept well too.




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