Day 9

January 20, 2011

Tensions were high before we march once again to the Department of Justice. However, today’s march is different. Today is the day of possible arrests. All the hours of planning would be put into action today. Our primary at agenda at the DoJ has always been for Eric Holder to come down and speak with us.

Day 9 photos 024

1. Break bread with Eric Holder. We will break our fast if Mr. Holder comes out of the Department of Justice. We present to the police officers outside the DoJ a loaf of bread and white roses.
2. Human blockade of carport.
3. Recite true stories of the men under the hoods. Share our own personal reasons why we are here in DC protesting Gitmo.
When the group kneeled down the first time in song, I almost teared up. What? Hmm…oh, my friend Jordan Jackson, who was also at the vigil wants to write something.
i almost cried when the peeps sat down and held arms togedder and started singing. dey sing real pretty. it was lyke church. den they held flowerz up in da air. justin norman held up bread to the sky. he wuz all lyke, hey break a piece of my bread off and we can eat it togedder. see deez other peeps in orange jumpsuits they haven’t aten anything for 9 dayz. we’ll all share a small piece of the bread like wen u go 2 church and get in a line and eat bread? right? EAT MY BREAD!!! ERIC HOLDER COME EAT MY BREAD WITH US!!! okay. they didn’t yell dat but datz wut was going in my hed. well, whevs. no one came out so we moved to where da carz was leaving cept no1 could leave cuz we wuz sittin in front of it. more and more copz kept showing up. suvs of em and a truck where dey keep stuff. no van tho. if some vans would come i would think datz where they would put all the dudez and dudereez in orange inside. um. this 1 dude off the street in a blk coat and brefcase wuz lyke YOU GUYZ SHOULD BE KILLED!!! and i was like woah, calm down.
Jordan says he’s tired of typing now and forget what happened the rest of the night anyway, but that he was glad The White House told the police not to arrest us.

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