Day 7

January 17, 2011

day7 041

First day protesting torture in DC for me was today. Began it with a morning meeting to reflect and discuss today’s action. With it being MLK Day, we head over to the FBI building to protest the FBI’s spying on peace activists. 40 plus people from our group which has been referred to as “The fasters”, Codepink, a reverend, an attorney who had sued the FBI, and Colleen Casey- a retired FBI agent, whistle blower and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year spoke. Obama also decided to drive by with his gang.

After that we headed a half hour south to Quantico Marine Corp Base where Bradley Manning is being held. We chanted, sang, walked, and cheered. Definitely, one of the better things/trips I have ever done. Glad I made it out. Though, I like Iowa and have been there a long time. DC is home. Oh, and I drank v8, which I never really liked before. It was such a treat. Almost like eating a meal.



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