Day 5&6

January 17, 2011


Day 5 was spent on the train. Took about 17 hours to get from Chicago to DC. The train ride was pretty and the people were interesting. I spent a good four hours in the lounge socializing with fellow travelers, most of whom were returning to DC or Philly. We jumped from subject to subject. Everything from Dean Koontz, Ayn Rand, astrology, suicide, the blues, dogs, etc… obviously in an effort to pass the time quickly.

I spent the remaining five hours of the night tossing and turning in my seat. Awakened by the passenger behind me talking on his cell phone, I decided to just get up and watch the sunrise in the mountains. I made my way back to the observatory cart. It started snowing in, I think, West Virginia.
I arrived in DC at 1PM and dropped off my bag at St. Stephen’s Church where the others are living until the 22nd. The church had an all day service so the group had retreated to The Peace Oasis. I walked around Target until I was too tired and just wanted to sit so decided to might as well attend a service. It was 5PM by now and the service I attended turned out to be for Spanish immigrants. Not only was I out of my element as an Atheist, but as not speaking any Spanish. It was was quite relaxing and enjoyable and a bit comical to say prayer and sing in Spanish.
By the time service was done, the group had arrived. I was warmly greeted and given a tour of the facilities. Aah. Slept well.



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