Day 2

January 12, 2011


Sunrise- Ate a bowl of couscous and a spoon of vanilla ice cream
Sunset- Ate a bowl of couscous

8PM went to Soup Night at the Soup House. They did not have soup, but spaghetti and cookies and birthday cake. Luckily, I was strong and didn’t want any of it. I did almost reach for a cookie and eat it out of habit. I spent the majority of the day reaching for food to snack, because I had forgotten I was fasting. Fasting by choice is by far a lot more difficult than when it was, because I was too poor for food. Sometimes I think, what if I just ate a little bit of that. I can cheat. No one will know. NO, don’t do it. You can do this. When I get to thinking I am so hungry, I think it’s not as bad as how Justin and the other protesters in DC are feeling right now. They’re not eating anything at all. Just water and juice. They’re out there walking and standing around all over DC. They must feel like shit.

I feel like I’m all goofy sleep deprived than starved. Well, I guess my brain IS lacking glucose. Tonight, I go to sleep actually anticipating the sun. Good bye for now.



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