Brooding since 1979

I’m the youngest of eight children and an immigrant from Laos. My father fought in the Lao People’s Army on the side of the United States in the Vietnam war. After the war was lost, in order to avoid assassination by the Vietcong, we spent nearly a year in a refugee camp in Thailand in 1979 before settling in Falls Church, Virginia.

My father was an art professor in Laos and became a janitor in the states while my mother worked two jobs. He passed away on September 16, 2011 after complications from diabetes. He taught me how to write my name, paint, and fry an egg: all before I was old enough to go to school.

I spent a majority of my child hood in my room reading, writing, drawing, making home videos, and making fake diarrhea commercials on cassette tapes. I was extremely shy, to the point where I flunked kindergarten and was a never-nude until I was fifteen. I also caught our front yard on fire and on a different occasion, a 32 gallon trash can. My sister interviewed me after the incident for her pretend news channel. To which I told her I wanted to know what would happen.

I later went on to attend Bailey’s Elementary School For the Arts and Sciences where my scratch-n-sniff red pepper drawings were the craze of the first grade. That would be my last academic accomplishment. Well, besides from getting voted “Most likely to turn into a cartoon” in high school. By my senior year in high school my only class I was enrolled in was a two-hour class on radio/television production, where I would spend an additional 8-10 hours a day at.

In 2006 I gave school another chance with the intentions of finishing a degree in Elementary Education. By my third semester I found myself dropping classes in order to work on films. I have a great passion for human rights and seeking the truth.

Take me home.


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