Get Screwed for $9/hr–Job Post

I’ve been job hunting and this job post caught my attention. First, they only pay $9 an hour for a grave yard shift. To add more insult they demand applicants to have prior production experience so I replied to their ad.

Warehouse Packing – Williamsburg – 3am to 12noon

compensation: $9/hr
Warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn needs to hire additional staff to work on the packing and production line. This is a food facility. Start date is Monday September 22nd.
Very easily accessible from the L train.

Prior experience handling food is preferred.
Prior warehouse and/or factory experience working in packing or on an assembly line is required.

Hours are 3am to 12noon, Monday thru Friday. No weekends.

MUST arrive at work at 3am every day – reliability is very important.

Please submit resume to the above link. Applications without a resume will not be considered. Please include a working telephone number at which you can be reached.

This is a full time job requiring a commitment for the next 3-4 months.

Pay is $9/hr.

Dear Williamsburg warehouse,

In 1998 I worked at a factory making car filters for $8 an hour with 50 cent pay increases every six months, paid vacation, insurance, and normal working hours (7AM-3PM). This was in Des Moines, Iowa 16 years ago where the average studio cost $350. I think your $9/hour wage is outrageous and offensive especially for a graveyard shift. The average studio in Williamsburg costs $2,700 a month. Even if a person applied for low-income housing, they would need to earn at least $15/hour to afford rent.

Do you know how long and painful writing a resume is? I think anyone who applies for this job should just go in, fill out an application, get hired and then do a crappy job. You get what you pay for. Also, will you pay for service on the L train? It’s $2.50 per ride which comes out to $100 a month to go to work.  This job is absolutely not helping the economy. It is in fact hurting the people. I encourage no one to work for your company at this wage.

Palina Prasasouk


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