Social Media, a Form of Journalism

In the past couple of years, advancements to the internet seemed to have sky rocketed with the expansion of higher internet speeds such as 4g and fios. This makes streaming online content much more accessible. This also means we’re spending more time online. The average surfer in America spends two hours a day on social media.

Social media is an important tool and, thanks to research conducted by university professors, it feeds our need to constantly entertain ourselves. According to the research, “We use the media to be entertained and if we are looking for information, we interact with the media to find what we need.” Five broad categories drive online activity: information seeking, interpersonal communication, self-expression, passing time and entertainment.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the world has always been corrupt as long as man-kind has existed. However, we haven’t always been as informed (or wired).  Now more than ever, social media is important while Israel terrorizes Palestine.

Here, a 16-year old girl is live-tweeting from Gaza:


And here, we have an NBC correspondent’s photos:


And Democracy Now!’s correspondent, Sharif Kouddous:


Here, an IDF sniper admits to killing 13 Gazan children on instagram:


Here’s a list journalists and activists reporting from Ferguson:

Live feed from Vice: – Mike Brown killing witness – Ferguson civilian

Deray McKesson – Teacher

Dante Barry – Million Hoodies

Akilah Johnson – Boston Globe

Kevin Gosztola – Firedoglake

Zeke Johnson – Amnesty International Director

Ryan Devereaux – The Intercept

Ryan J. Reilly – Huffington Post

Talib Kweli 

Amy K. Nelson – Animal New York


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