Photo Essay: Rally in NYC Against US Funding of Israeli Terror

Photos from New York City, one of many cities that protested today against the bombings in Gaza. In a rally that began at the United Nations building, 4,000 marched to the News Corporation head quarters against media lies. News Corp is home to Rupert Murdoch’s NY Post, FOX News,  and Wall Street Journal.

As usual, mainstream American media was widely absent in a rally calling for media transparency. CBS local news was present and drummed up a West Side Story sort of battle, reporting pro-Israel and pro-Palestine protesters both calling for a truce. CBS reporter Jessica Schneider fails to make notice of the size of pro-Israel protesters which quickly disintegrated. It was apparent that the protest was largely a rally against the murder and settlement of Palestine.

53 people were killed in Gaza on Tuesday, July 8, 2014. Among those killed, 13 were aged 16 or younger. The youngest victim, 18-month-old Mohammed Malakiyeh, was killed along with his 27-year-old mother. The oldest victim, 80-year-old Naifeh Farjallah, was killed in an air strike on the town of Moghraqa, southwest of Gaza City.

The single deadliest strike killed eight people Tuesday in southern Gaza when Israel bombed the Hamad family home.

Read the full story on the rally here.


IMG_4674aIMG_4679 IMG_4681 IMG_4686 IMG_4692 IMG_4693 IMG_4698 IMG_4702 IMG_4704 IMG_4711 IMG_4715 IMG_4719 IMG_4725 IMG_4728


About 200  pro-Israel counter-protesters across the street.


Sun down

IMG_4735 IMG_4738 IMG_4741 IMG_4742 IMG_4746 IMG_4748 IMG_4754 IMG_4758 IMG_4770 IMG_4771 IMG_4773

IMG_4786IMG_4787 IMG_4794 IMG_4802 IMG_4804 IMG_4806 IMG_4807 IMG_4809




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