In search of IEI (INFJ)

For followers of type theory and if you’re not into type theory, here are two artists whom I very much enjoy that I’ve spent some time studying and am pleased to report they’re IEI like me (surprise!). Introverted thinking doesn’t have any practical applications. Both of these artists are deliberate in their execution. When Ti is applied to Ni, it can be very effective and is basically like a graph or map and if they’re talented and motivated enough can actually make money from their hobbies. Unfortunately, most times Ni and Ti is a waste of air and is perfectly satisfied staring into oblivion for an undetermined amount of time, because time does not exist to us.

I decided Olafur is an ennegram 5 after having seen him play live a couple of times and talked to him briefly. Very quirky guy, a bit aloof and unfeeling, more of a head type, and witty. I see more similarities within him and myself which is why it also took nearly two years to type him. Too close to home, it’s like when doctors can’t diagnosis themselves. I was excited to discover this because there aren’t many IEI 5s.

I’ve only interacted with Molly via Twitter. She seems like a sweet gal, but expresses a stronger desire to her identity which is why I think she’s an enneagram 4. Most IEIs are 4s. She has some pieces of her art that she will not sell.

Ólafur Arnalds–IEI-Ni (INFJ) Enneagram 5 Sp/So
Molly Crabapple–IEI-Fe (INFJ) Enneagram 4 Sx/So

First video exhibits Olafur’s Ti. He explains layering music here. His music gives a feeling of going nowhere and usually doesn’t have any lyrics. Lyrics mean nothing to IEI’s. Most times we aren’t even listening to what they’re saying:

Second video exhibits his Fe and his motivation for making music
“All of our senses are connected…if I can create just a little tear in someone’s eye”:


Molly Crabapple:


Ben Gold, another IEI musician. Notice similarities, but I don’t particular enjoy his music:


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