Day 8

January 19, 2011

At 6AM we got on The Metro to head over to The Pentagon. Last night’s rain had frozen over to make an icy dawn in DC. One man scraping his car off asked me, “Are you Orchard Workers?”

No, we’re protesting Guantanamo.
I didn’t stop to explain to him further because it was cold.
We stood along the path to the entrance with our orange jumpsuits as the employees walked into work. Most of whom, glanced over at us quickly and kept walking or wouldn’t look at us at all. One soldier muttered, “Oh, come on,” after he read our banner. Members from our groups read the names and ages of the remaining 173 detainees. Exhausted from not eating and walking in the ice, my emotions came over me. This was the first time I stood with so many people from all around the country to speak for the forgotten detainees whom most do not care about. The passion and drive of the others, the number of men and women who are considerably older than I am is astoundingly impressive.
We returned by 9AM for our daily 2-3 hour morning reflection and planning, had an hour of free time before we hit the streets again. This was my first time in a hood and processing. We walked three times around The Department of Justice, stopping three times to have programs read. It took around 40 minutes to walk around the enormous building. We had a few supporters who were not in jumpsuits holding signs and guiding us that were in jumpsuits and hoods. My arms were in pain from being held behind my back, and my glasses were fogged inside my hood. I wanted so badly to just let go of my clasped hands. Just when I thought I had enough, our procession ended and we got back on The Metro back to St. Stephen’s.
In short, really glad I decided to take this trip and have this experience. It’s been a good feeling being surrounded by like-minded people.
Well, gotta’ go make #2. I’m excited! Haven’t done that for a week.

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