Day 13

January 24, 2011

Finally made it back to Iowa after the Amtrak from DC to Iowa was an hour and a half late causing me to miss my bus back to Des Moines. Even better news after finding out that we had to buy another bus ticket and that the next one wasn’t leaving ’till the next day. Next time going to DC, flying or driving!

Gerald and Mary were on the same train to Chicago, so that was nice. I ate at an all vegan diner in Chicago. That was really nice too. I had pumpkin ravioli with apples and onions, cookies, and pnb shake. Justin’s friends let us stay with them and they were very hospitable. That was better than sleeping in a train station.
traom 004
At first, I felt a little sad to be back into the reality of this harsh world. I teared up a little looking at pictures. I miss the Catholic Workers. I’m still not used to eating, and didn’t eat today either. Something about being hungry makes me push harder. No worries friends, I am not becoming anorexic. I’m continuing my 40 day fast after the brief intermission. I’m sure once the 40 days are done, I won’t feel guilty when I eat.
As of November 2010 174 detainees still remain in Guantanamo. One day they will all be released…alive or resting in peace. Solace of tremendous proportions will be experienced.
Listening to music and being alone at last. I feel at peace.

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